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The Skills and Development Gap Needs Closing Companies need new skill sets to benefit from big data analytics. New data management skills, including programming, mathematical, and statistical skills go beyond what is required for traditional analytics applications. For instance, ‘data scientists’ need to be not only well versed in understanding analytics and IT, they should also have the ability to communicate effectively with decision makers. However, this combination of skills is in short supply. Three-quarters of companies do not have the right resources to gain value from big data. Companies also face the challenge of training end-users of big data, who may not be data experts themselves but need to use data to enhance decision-making.

Develop Analytics Talent with a Targeted Recruitment Process and Continual Training Programs As a first step towards building expertise in customer data analytics, companies will need to establish a well-defined
Roadmap to Building Analytics Maturity
recruitment process to attract analytics talent. Further, disparate analytics teams should be consolidated into an Analytics Centre of Excellence (CoE) that promotes the sharing of best practices and supports skills development. Companies must also invest in continually training their analytics staff on new tools and techniques. Finally, specialized training programs should be developed for line of business personnel, to train them in the use of analytics to enhance decision-making.



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